Arysta LifeScience launches Seed Treatment business in the UK

Arysta LifeScience hosted representatives of the UK agricultural industry, marking the launch of the UK Seed Treatment business in the UK. Guests visited the Arysta Seed Treatment Centre of Excellence followed by an evening at The Wood Norton Hotel on the outskirts of Evesham. Visitors included major seed processing companies, retailers and independent advisors, representing almost 90% of the UK industry. “To have so many of the key decision-makers for UK seed industry in attendance was a triumph & great opportunity for Arysta” – Stephen Parker, Regional Technical Manager.

Toby Reich, Seed Treatment Manager UK Ireland & Scandinavia welcomed guests, acknowledging their support and commending their desire to understand more about this new business – “we as an industry deal in the business of ‘new’ and you attending today is testament to that.” The afternoon involved several sections where the guests rotated through interactive formulation and seed testing demonstrations, then presentations from commercial and technical teams on UK products. It was a wonderful opportunity for guests to see first-hand how the micro-emulsion and flowable concentrate formulations are made.

“I’ve been to quite a few R&D demonstrations” - stated Will Miller, Seed & Traits Manager Procam - “and this was the most informative and clear explanation of formulations I have ever had.” Afternoon proceedings were brought to a close by Tom Archer, EU Marketing, who looked at future advances in the seed treatment portfolio and then Stephen Beal, ST Lead Europe, by highlighting the abundance of support and knowledge the UK market had in Arysta’s R&D, pipeline, Sales and Technical teams – “growing together.”

The evening proceedings begun as guests were sat round Rancona i-MIX, Signal 300ES, Thiraflo, Anchor and Vacciplant tables; here they could speak with the presenters from the afternoon and discuss what they had learned. Paul Temple, board member of the Agricultural & Horticultural Development Board (and UK farmer) was asked to say a few words, where he paid tribute to the importance of companies like Arysta LifeScience. The whole launch was summed up wonderfully by Peter Fox, Managing Director at Daltons Seed, “In all the years I have dealt with the companies that preceded Arysta, this is the best thing they have done to promote themselves, well done!”